Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's all about the light

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Light makes a photograph. It doesn't matter if you shoot with film through a Leica rangefinder or with a compact flash card through a digital SLR Nikon. Without light there would be no photography.
Take it a step further. The quality of light can also separate a great photo from a snapshot.
Last weekend I was in Santa Fe visiting friends when I shot these two pictures. One was shot at the Tent Rocks National Monument about 35 miles south of Santa Fe. The other one of my wife was shot just outside town. The quality of light and shadows is what made the photos interesting. Both were shot in the late afternoon when the sun created hard shadows. If I had shot the rocks formations at noon, the sun would have been directly above me creating flat light on the rocks with no depth. Pay attention to the light. It can kick your photos up a notch.
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