Wednesday, March 7, 2007

All in a day's work

One of the more challenging things photojournalists face while working for a daily paper is finding good pictures when there's nothing in the way of "news" happening. Gazette photographer Mark Reis found a nice moment in our community that made a great photo. And 20 or 50 years from now people can look back at the March 8, 2007 paper and get a feeling of what Colorado Springs was like on that day. What are your thoughts on this type of photograph?

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Zen said...

Beautiful photo. Though I don't think its a good example of what Colorado Springs "was like on that day" it should be.

PikeTalk said...

Pictures like this make me want to ask people to make up a story to go with it. Not a good example of "what Colorado Springs was like on such and such a day..".

Ok, if i had to make up a story to go with this photo...The semi-senile old priest climbed from his window on a ladder left by the window washers. realizing that he must return the good favor they had unintentionally done for him, he went and got another ladder and some paint and proceeded to paint the old church's trim. The whole time he could be heard jabbering about fair maddens and windmills and riding large white steeds.