Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Michelle Obama visits Colorado Springs

A Packed house at the City Auditorium watch Michelle Obama stump for her husband on the last week of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project Bandaloop vertical dancers

Project Bandaloop dancers Rachael Lincoln, left, and Amelia Rudolph practice on the west wall of Colorado College's Edit Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts center Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008. The group was in town as part of the college's grand opening for its new arts center. They were a fun group to shoot and check out the video I made at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing in Action

I shall now pick up the torch again and begin my blogging. I thought I would post some examples of recent work. I'm not in a position right now to go through the newspaper's archive looking for images I've photographed since my last posting. The truth is I'm too lazy right now to get up and walk across the newsroom. I did shoot the Democratic National Convention in Denver and will be posting some images. For now, though, here are few of my favorites of late. Again, too lazy to go and do a full cavity search.

I've posted two portraits of high school football players that go along with a weekly high school feature The Gazette publishes called Athlete of the Week. You can find it in Tuesday's edition. I have a lot of fun shooting these. Usually I have about 15-20 minutes per student. In that time I have to find a location, set up lights and make it as environmental as I can. The image of Dontre Walker of Sierra High School was photographed in the school's gym during a PE class. My lights kept getting knocked over by basketballs. The second one is of Devin Mohn, a running back from Rampart High School. I had about ten minutes and decided to place him in front a red mosaic wall outside the school. It gives the image texture. I was using two Nikon SB-800 speedlights. One on the wall and a reporter (Katy Booth) holding the other.

I also have an image a silhouetted visitors during the annual Colorado Balloon Classic. I was using a 70-200 mm lens looking inside an inflating balloon with sun behind the people. It added to the image when they began touching the outside of the balloon. I'm a sucker for silhouettes.

Lastly, this is an image of a water covered aspen leaf photographed near Cuchara Pass in southern Colorado. I was part of two aspen audio/visual slideshow I put together for The Gazette. I travelled 876 miles around the state of Colorado looking for various aspen scenes. What a great trip. Anyways, it is best when you plug in some headphones and then listen and watch. It can be found at: