Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of Fannie Mae Duncan

If you have not seen "A Day in the Life of Fannie Mae Duncan" at the Pioneers Museum then get in your car and get down there today to take a look at the amazing photojournalism created by Lew Tilley who documented a day in the life of Fannie Mae Duncan and the Cotton Club she owned in downtown Colorado Springs in 1958. The photos were all taken during one day. Having photographed "a day in the life" similarly, I can only imagine how long of a day it must have been for Lew. There are dozens of large black and white photographs to be seen. I was mesmerized by the display. Tilley's work easily translates into the photojournalism of today. The Pioneers Museum did a tremendous job setting up the exhibit. And it's free!

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