Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the road: day 7 Murdocks meet the ocean

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Savannah, Ga., is everything you imagine. Mansions, Spanish moss hanging from the old trees and hotter than hell so we did what the locals do-- hit the ocean. Unlike the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Washington and Oregon, the Atlantic here is warm. Our good friend and former Gazette intern Hunter McRae joined us for hours of fun in the water. The only thing about the ocean is the water tastes bad and being from the Northwest I relate warm water to fresh water lakes, not the ocean. I drank some salt before I had my mind retrained. We eat boiled peanuts on the way back to the city. Never heard of them before, but they were great. A southern thing Hunter, who grew up on the coast of South Carolina, told us. And since we were in the most haunted city in the United States we had to take a ghost tour. Next blog.

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