Monday, February 4, 2008

Ski shooting


Sunday I checked out Arapahoe Basin's new Montezuma Bowl with my cousin and his friend. It wasn't a fresh powder day, but the light was good for photos. I almost always bring my camera equipment and over the years I've gotten to the point where it's no problem snowboarding with the extra weight. Here are some tips if you want to shoot some pictures on the slopes. 1) Bring someone to shoot or find someone at the base. If you don't and you are shooting in the back bowls, you may wait for hours for a snow rider to make a picture. 2) I carry my camera bodies, a 17-35 and 80-200 in my backpack along with a towel. I wrap the bodies in ski caps and the lens in pouches with caps on them. 3) I wear a fanny pack in the front with my 14 mm lens, strobes and other accessories. This seems to balance the weight and that makes boarding moguls much easier. 4) I also carry light gloves and hand warmers to keep my fingers and camera batteries warm. I found that a cold camera body will zap the heat out of your hands so I will duct tape hand warmers to my camera bodies to keep them warmer and make the batteries last longer. 5) Have fun. There are a lot of good pictures to be found on the slopes of Colorado.

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Jenty said...

What stunning photos!!