Thursday, April 12, 2007

Logistics of shooting a long-haul truck driver

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A photo request came across the photo desk a couple weeks ago to shoot a long-haul trucker driver who had reached the million-mile, accident-free milestone. After meeting with business editor Joanna Bean we decided to follow him on the road for the print story and an online audio/slideshow. The problem was the trucker, Bill Jefferson, goes on the road for weeks at a time. I didn’t have the time to go with him for three or four weeks. And the option of driving with him for a couple days and flying back wouldn’t allow me a chance to shoot from outside the truck. The solution was simple. Photographer Jerilee Bennett and I would follow Jefferson in my jeep. He went back on the road April 3 and we met him at the truck stop in Fountain. He was switching loads with another driver and heading for Arizona. We followed. First, Jerilee rode with him to shoot the action inside the cab while I drove my car, shooting his rig from the outside. We switched at Alamosa and I recorded audio from inside the cab while Jerilee drove my Jeep and took more pictures from outside. We parted ways on the top of Wolf Creek Pass as the sun was setting. See Bill Radford's story in the business section Friday, April 13, 2007, of The Gazette and see the audio/slideshow at

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