Friday, November 23, 2007

On the Road

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I told Christian I'd try to be more active on this, so here goes.
I covered the World Series in Boston for The Gazette. Unlike larger papers who send three or four photographers as well as a photo editor, I went by my lonesome. This is a shot of me, taken by the Rocky Mountain News photog Joe Mahoney, in my shooting position along the third baseline, between the dugout and homeplate. As a fan behind me pointed out, we were closer to the batter than the pitcher was.
You can just see my laptop computer to my right. A wireless signal let me transmit from my position, saving me having to miss action to go edit and transmit from the photo workroom, out beyond right field. It rained during game one, forcing me to transmit during breaks in the rain, but with no rain in game two I could transmit between innings, getting pictures to the paper often before the next inning started.
The other great thing about the trip was getting to use the Nikon D3 Christian has already posted on. The camera really is remarkable, focusing much better and being able to use 6,400 ISO with little noise.
Write if you have any questions.
See you next time.

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Todd Spoth said...

Does anyone else see the irony in the professional photographers taking photos of each other while amateurs work in the background? Beckett is probably on the mound dancing! Get on it Kreck!