Friday, September 7, 2007

Portraits from a town's past

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Check out this Sunday's Life section of The Gazette for a story about Crested Butte writer and photographer Sandy Cortner. She published the book "Crested Butte Stories...Through My Lens" about the old timers of the Colorado town who were still there when she arrived in the 1960s. She has some great portraits of them and the tales they tell are priceless. will feature an audio clip of Cortner reading from her book. Cortner is a great lady and without her effort much of Crested Butte's history would have been buried with the pioneers. The picture above is one I took of Cortner visiting with old-timer Josephine Stajduhar. Stajduhar still lives in the same house she did 40 years ago. The picture below Cortner took and it's in the book.

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Vickie said...


This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I am SOOOO proud of you! You deserve all the credit, recognition, and $$$$$$$!!

I hope they use another photo of you with your face showing--cute as this one is!


Anonymous said...

I agree! Sandy has done an amazing job of preserving a Crested Butte History.

Anonymous said...

Your book is a treasure for all of us who have lived in Crested Butte. You deserve all of your fame and public exposure. You were always a huge fan of C.B. and we all loved you for that. When is you next book coming out. It is wonderful to look back thru your eyes, Sandy. Thank you, my dear. Mary Volk